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2013 ASELL National Science Workshop

The next ASELL National Science workshop will be held at the University of Sydney on Tuesday 2 April – Friday 5 April 2013. You are invited to send 2-person teams (one academic and one student) to the Workshop. This workshop will involve a mixture of discussions and laboratory-based activities. Each team will have the opportunity to showcase one experiment from its home institution. Up to 4 teams from each institution are allowed to attend and it is suggested you and your colleagues submit experiments you think are good and experiments you think need major improvement. We hope to run about 20 experiments per discipline at the workshop.

Workshop Details

Dates: Tuesday 2 April - Friday 5 April 2013
Venue: The University of Sydney
Cost: $660 ($600 plus GST) per team which consists of one academic and one student. Register online by 5 March 2013.
Payment can be made by credit card. Credit card authorisation forms can be completed and emailed to
Accommodation suggestions can be found here.

Experiment submissions

If you would like to submit an experiment, please complete the Expression of interest form located at the bottom of this page by 25 January 2013. This will ensure all reagents and equipment are available and help us determine whether the experiment can be run at The University of Sydney.
The other documentation (teacher notes, full technical notes, hazard assessments, student notes and ASELL educational template – sections 1 and 2) can follow later. Below is a timeline of when the different pieces of information are required:
    • Expression of Interest of experiments to be evaluated – 25 January 2013
    • Experiments to be evaluated at workshop are chosen and teachers informed – 1 February 2013
    • Full technical notes, hazard assessments, student notes, and demonstrator notes are due – 15 February 2013
    • Registrations for workshop due – 5 March 2013
    • ASELL educational template (sections 1 and 2) is due – 15 March 2013. See related files below for infomation on how to complete the ASELL educational template.
    • Workshop – 2-5 April 2013. Draft workshop schedule is below in related files.


Want more information?

For further information about getting an experiment tested at the workshop or general enquiries, please contact Alexandra Yeung by email or phone 9351 8715.

Related files:

  1. 2013 ASELL National Workshop credit card payment form

    Please use this form for payment for the 2013 ASELL National Science Workshop.

    Download Other Document (Word Document, 398KB)

  2. 2013 ASELL National Workshop Draft Program

    This is the draft program for the 2013 ASELL National Science Workshop to be held from 2-5 April 2013.

    Download Other Document (Acrobat PDF, 53KB)

  3. 2013 ASELL National Workshop Expression of Interest Form

    Please complete this form if you wish to submit an experiment for the 2013 ASELL National Science Workshop

    Download Other Document (Word Document, 31KB)

  4. 2013 ASELL National Workshop flyer

    This flyer provides information on the 2013 ASELL National Workshop to be held from 2-5 April 2013 at the University of Sydney

    Download Other Document (Acrobat PDF, 386KB)

  5. Accommodation suggestions 2013

    This document lists some accommodation suggestions for the ASELL National Science Workshop 2013.

    Download Other Document (Acrobat PDF, 70KB)

  6. ASELL Educational Template,v3

     This is the latest blank Educational Template.

    Download Public Document (Word Document, 72KB)

  7. Guidelines for ASELL Educational Template

     This is the latest guidelines document that was provided to delegates preparing for ASELL workshops. It offers instructions on how to complete the template.

    Download Public Document (Acrobat PDF, 79KB)