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Posted on Dec 19 2017 by Doaa George

Tags: year 7-8, year 9-10, motion, rocket, thrust, pressure, gas

Experiment Overview

Physics is derived from the Greek word ‘phusis’ which means ‘nature’. It is the study of the laws governing all the natural phenomena of the universe. We use mechanics when we move or move objects; we use thermodynamics when we cook; we use optics when we see objects and acoustics when we hear. An important branch of physics is mechanics which deals with motion and the forces responsible for motion. Your students will learn about Newton’s laws of motion and will apply this knowledge when explaining a practical application.

Today’s experiment is fun as the students will enjoy setting it up, conducting the experiment and explaining all the forces involved in making the object move. It is a useful experiment, where students will be able to observe the relevance of physics.

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