How Many Valence Electrons Does Xenon (Xe) Have? – Unveiled!


Xenon (Xe), a noble gas in Group 18, is stable and non-reactive due to its full valence shell. Valence electrons are crucial for chemical bonding, as they determine an atom’s ability to form molecules. Xenon is unique among noble gases; it can form compounds under special conditions, defying the belief that noble gases are inert. … Read more

Is hydronium a base or acid? – A Journey into the Chemistry

Hydronium ion

Today we explore the hydronium ion (H3O+). Comprising a water molecule (H2O) that has enthusiastically embraced an extra proton (H+), thus adopting a positive charge. Hydronium ions do not shy away from involvement; they play pivotal roles in an extensive range of chemical reactions, especially in aqueous environments. However, their very existence poses a captivating … Read more